Plone 6 Accessibility - color contrast

I'd love to be pointed to any information from the accessibility team on Plone 6 or hear from them, especially pertaining to color contrasting. This is a particular concern of mine because I know I will have coworkers/clients that look at color contrast as the first indicator of whether a site is compliant with WCAG2.

A couple things that I see on a new 6 site that are a factor are the color contrast of the workflow state menu in the toolbar when hovered (particularly the blue "published" with the blue background). And then the alert components from Bootstrap 5. The bootstrap issue is frustrating given their color contrast policy Accessibility · Bootstrap v5.0. From what I can tell, the "info" alert for example only satisfies WCAG 2 if it is "large text" which does not seem to be the case here (it would if slightly larger and bold).

I'd be interested in submitting these issues and working through them if I could be directed on that.

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I agree, Plone 6 Classic UI needs an accessibility check and fixes. I fear at the moment we do not have much of an accessibility team for Classic UI. Anyway, the team around classic UI supporters takes these issues serious. Any help is very appreciated!

Please submit the issues to Issues · plone/Products.CMFPlone · GitHub and use the tags 01 type: bug and 99: tag: UX Accessibility and set the milestone Plone 6.0. I let it upon you to create single issues or one bigger with an check list. You do not need to follow the issue template, since accessibility problems do not match in the scheme well.

If you work through them and help is needed to identify how to resolve them or where in the templates or CSS problems are located we are keen to help.

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At the university, we have been utising Wave toolbar when checking accessibility issues: WAVE Chrome, Firefox, and Edge Extensions

In addition of showing any other accessibilty issues and how to address them, it has a great contrast checker and a tool where you can see how diffferent color changes affect the accessibility considering WCAG.

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Yeah, WAVE is good for that. I imagine it will take some discussion as there are several directions you can go to resolve color contrast; hopefully someone more design oriented can aid in that end.