Plone 6.0.6 soft released

Plone 6.0.6 has been soft-released. Please give it a try and let me know if there are any critical issues. For those who haven't run across soft-releases before, this is the last step before the final release. Because things haven't been finalized yet, some packages may change between now and the release. It is not recommended to use soft-releases in production.

Release notes for Plone 6.0.6rc1

If you want to jump straight in, here are two important links:


Major changes since 6.0.5:

  • plonetheme.barceloneta and plone.staticresources: Update to Bootstrap 5.3 release. Adopt colormode related variables from Bootstrap 5.3.
    You may need to update your custom themes. See note below.
  • plone.restapi: Added @site and @navroot endpoints.
  • Removed unneeded dependency on
    This fixes a cyclic dependency: depends on which depends on
  • updates for eu, es, pt_BR.
  • plone.volto: Two bugfixes for migration from Classic UI to Volto:
    • Let the migration-form @@migrate_to_volto transform richtext to slate-blocks by default.
    • Fix value of unchecked checkboxes in migrate_to_volto.

Volto frontend

The default frontend for new Plone 6 sites is Volto. Latest release is 16.21.0. See the changelog.
Note that this is a JavaScript frontend that you need to run in a separate process with NodeJS.

Also, existing Plone sites need some or more extensive changes to be upgraded before they can use the Volto Frontend. Please read the guide on migrating from Plone Classic UI to Volto.

Classic UI

The HTML based and server side rendered UI that was present in Plone 5.2 and earlier major Plone releases is still available and has also been updated and improved upon in Plone 6. Our documentation now refers to this frontend as 'Classic UI'. Support for Classic UI is especially relevant for existing Plone sites which for whatever reason or requirements are not yet ready to be upgraded to the Volto frontend.

Updating custom themes

Now that Bootstrap 5.3 is available, you may need to update your custom theme for Classic UI.
This is not caused by Plone 6.0.6 moving to Bootstrap 5.3.
You could stay on Plone 6.0.5, and still have a problem with your custom theme, simply because Bootstrap 5.3 is available.

The problem is described in this bobtemplates.plone issue.
Let's assume that a while ago you have followed the theming training to create a theme based on the standard Barceloneta theme. All is working fine.
But now you want to have a fresh install, so you remove node_modules and package-lock.json.
You run npm install, still fine.
Then you run npm run build and get an error:

Error: Undefined variable.
55 │     "primary": $primary-text-emphasis-dark,

The problem here is that you get Bootstrap 5.3, but your theme expects 5.2.
There are two ways to solve this.

If you want to keep using Bootstrap 5.2:

  • Edit package.json and let the dependencies contain this: "@plone/plonetheme-barceloneta-base": "~3.0.3".
    This version has a proper pin so you stay on Bootstrap 5.2.
  • Run rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json && npm install && npm run build.
  • If you want to create a new theme based on Bootstrap 5.2, make sure to use bobtemplates.plone==6.2.7.

If you are fine with upgrading to Bootstrap 5.3:

  • Edit package.json and let the dependencies contain this: "@plone/plonetheme-barceloneta-base": "~3.1.0".
  • In styles/theme.scss add two imports in part 3:
    • After variables.colors.plone add this line: @import "@plone/plonetheme-barceloneta-base/scss/variables.colors.dark.plone";
    • After bootstrap/scss/variables add this line: @import "bootstrap/scss/variables-dark";
  • Run rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json && npm install && npm run build.
  • If you want to create a new theme based on Bootstrap 5.3, make sure to use bobtemplates.plone>=6.3.

Python compatibility

This release supports Python 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, and 3.11.

pip, buildout, setuptools

In Plone core we use these versions to install Plone:


In general you are free to use whatever versions work for you, but these worked for us.

Note that setuptools 66 or higher is more strict with what versions it can recognize. If you run pip or buildout and it suddenly cannot find a package with a non-standard version, then this may be the cause.

When you install Plone with pip on Python 3.11, you may want to set environment variable _PIP_USE_IMPORTLIB_METADATA=0.
This can give a large performance increase when reinstalling packages.
Or wait on a new pip version with a fix.
See pip issue 12079.


For installation instructions, see the documentation.


If you find any issues, please report them in the main issue tracker.


Thanks so far so good.

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Plone 6.0.6 is out, see Official announcement to follow later in a different topic.
Changes since the release candidate:

  • plone.memoize release with only internal changes
  • fix for editing the rich text field of a document.
  • Products.CMFPlone final release.