Plone 6.0.2 soft released

Plone 6.0.2 has been soft-released. Please give it a try and let me know if there are any critical issues.
For those who haven't run across soft-releases before, this is the last step before the final release. Because things haven't been finalized yet, some packages may change between now and the release. It is not recommended to use soft-releases in production.

See also the release checklist on GitHub .

Release notes for Plone 6.0.2rc1

For technical wizards who want to jump straight in, here are two important links:


Major changes since 6.0.1:

  • Change the HTTP status from 301 (Moved Permanently) to 302 (Found) for GET requests and to 307 (Temporary Redirect) for other request methods. This fixes problems when an existing redirect is re-used.
  • plone.restapi:
    • Request of own user data provides joined groups.
    • Implement IPurgePaths for RestAPI traversal (++api++).
    • Implement IRuleAction and IRuleCondition schema serialization in @controlpanels/content-rules/ endpoint.
  • plone.staticresources: Upgrade Mockup to 5.0.5.
  • Update translations for tr, es, eu, de.
  • Various packages: drop support for older Python, Zope or Plone versions, declare dependencies better, cleanup code.

Volto frontend

The default frontend for Plone 6 is Volto. Latest release is 16.11.0. See the changelog.
Note that this is a JavaScript frontend that you need to run in a separate process with NodeJS.
The Classic UI is still available when you only run the Python process.

Python compatibility

This release supports Python 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, and 3.11.


For installation instructions, see the documentation.


If you find any issues, please report them in the main issue tracker.


I added 3.0.1. Thanks @petschki !


I have made the final release: Official announcements to follow later.
Difference with rc1:

  • 3.0.1, already mentioned above
  • plone.volto 4.0.6: bugfix in migration code
  • Products.CMFPlone 6.0.2: small improvement in the upgrade code.
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