[Plone 6.0.0a4] Issue with Pillow 9.0.1 on Mac/M1

I get this error von my Mac/M1 after upgrading a buildout from 6.0.0a3 ->a4...known issue or workaround available?

zcml", line 33.4-37.10
    File "/Users/ajung/src/plone6.buildout/parts/instance/etc/site.zcml", line 12.2-12.39
    ImportError: dlopen(/Users/ajung/src/plone6.buildout/eggs/Pillow-9.0.1-py3.9-macosx-12-arm64.egg/PIL/_imaging.cpython-39-darwin.so, 0x0002): symbol not found in flat namespace '_xcb_connect'

Pinning Pillow = 9.0.0 resolves this issue

pinning to 9.1.0 also

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