Plone 5 - Removing the "Plone is up and running" screen


I have searched and searched but been unable to find out how to disable the Up & Running screen from a fresh Plone 5 install as below. If anyone could advise I would be grateful.



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And what you want to display instead?

Commonly a front-end web server is put in front of Plone, so you can directly display the Plone site.

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The easiest is to rename the front-page to something else :wink: because the diazo rule use the name and will only inject that on the page named front-page

@MrTango This is not the Plone front page, it's the Zope front page.

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Thanks, I'll look into that.

I recently did this for a customer for a Plone4 shared hosting environment. The goal was to hide specific elements from the ZMI and have a custom start page. You can find the code at ps.plone.zmi. The custom view needs to be registered for OFS.interfaces.IApplication. See the overrides.zcml file for details.

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yes you are right, i was reading it on the phone and didn't realized that :wink:
And actually then i don't see the problem, because if you just don't expose Plone direcly to everyone but instead only expose the sites by it self thru Nginx or Apache, then you will never see this page.
And you can set up a restricted access to the ZMI for management actions.