Plone 5 Mockup js internationalization


I cannot find a description for language support for the mockup (and other javascript deployments) in Plone.

Any hint ?

This one is hard :slight_smile:

You need to i18nize your JS code using _t('XXX'), like here:

You need to i18nize your XML templates using also _t('XXX') like here:

Then all those strings are extracted and they go to the widgets.pot file in

At last, to translate those strings you need to edit the widgets.po file of your language of choice.

Thanks for advice.

Based on this I've made some research and ask me now if following link with translation explanation is more advisable and easier to use as long as there is no language update:

Regards, Fritz

In that link you can find the explanation on how to test the changes you make in the widgets.po file, because those translations are cached in localStorage.

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