Plone 5 error buildout -Nv

We have the distribution that satisfies 'zope.untrustedpython==4.0.0'.
Version and requirements information containing zexceptions:
[versions] constraint on zexceptions: 2.13.0
Requirement of Zope2>=2.12.1: zExceptions
Requirement of Products.ZCTextIndex: zExceptions
Requirement of Products.ZCatalog: zExceptions
Requirement of Products.PythonScripts: zExceptions
Requirement of zExceptions:
Requirement of zExceptions: zope.publisher
Requirement of zExceptions: zope.interface
Requirement of zExceptions: setuptools
Requirement of DocumentTemplate: zExceptions
Requirement of AccessControl>=2.13.2: zExceptions
Requirement of Zope>=4.0b5: zExceptions>=3.4
Installing instance.
Error: The requirement ('zExceptions>=3.4') is not allowed by your [versions] constraint (2.13.0) -> Products.PloneLDAP -> Products.LDAPUserFolder -> Products.LDAPUserFolde -> Zope >= 4.0b5

Pinning Products.LDAPUserFolder to an older version that doesn't asks for this Zope version may fix your buildout. Check Plone 4-latest buildout for more information, they're having a similar problem.