Plone 5: Dropdown menus

I now used webcouturier.dropdownmenu but it isn't working on Plone 5, so it will need some attention. This leaves me with quintagroup.dropdownmenu which takes an alternate viewlet approach, at least it installs but it seems with the change from the default to Sunburst theme to Barceloneta there will also need to be some attention to this.

If you already have a dropdownmenu solution for Plone 5, let me know, might save me some hours of hacking.

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A note: I tried to install the quintagroup.dropdownmenu as well and got same results. I also installed their upgraded-to-Plone-5 Sunrain theme (these two products are meant to work together) and it didn't work with their theme, either. This makes me think it might be something deeper than incompatibility with the Barceloneta theme.

Today's sprint in Bucharest (continuing tomorrow) is all about updating add-ons to work with P5. See the work in progress Google doc at

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Sweet! I see Pawel, Zoltan are working on webcouturier.dropdownmenu


I see that in the list of add-ons PloneFormGen is marked as done, great! I can't remember if PFG is based on Archetypes or is it independent. Just curious to know if installing PFG will also install Archetypes...


Awesome to see this all happening, Thanks!

I see a few product on the list mark as ALREADY DONE (eg. collective.lineage, ), but when you run build out they are broken in Plone5, are they fixed in Pypi?

Lineage had been tested with one of the Plone 5 betas, which is why it was marked at working in Plone 5. But then lot of changes happened in the rest of the betas up to the final. I see there is an issue filed in Github about Lineage not working in Plone 5. If you see any more not working, please contact the maintainer or file an issue on Github.

I added a note about Lineage to that document @tkimnguyen

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I'll ask Philip Bauer who is handling that gdoc and what it contains for a final sprint report and or ongoing porting status...

So... about those dropdown menus...
I see there's a plone5 branch for webcouturier.dropdownmenu

Hi folks, I see the discussion has ended on these upgrades. Is there a place I can look to see the status of upgrades? Looking at, there are only 7 products for P5 (one, slideshow from six feet up, isn't actually functional yet - I contacted and told it would be in a few weeks.).

of the products discussed here, how do I find the status of P5 compatibility?

thanks for the work... P5 is an awsesome improvement from P4. Now we just need some of those real important products to work with P5.

Unfortunately isn't really maintained. A new will hopefully be deployed soon. and are the places to search for addons.

It'd be great to add issues to the trackers on where plone 5 is not compatible.

Perhaps we should put a message up at about that?

A query on pypi be to fetch P5-compatible add-ons would be

All Plone items:

the deed has been done. see the 2 new links to pypi queries at the page.


Nice work!

Excellent, thanks for getting this done

anyone know why I only get the first and last email in my inbox about a thread like this? Is it a deliberate discourse rule or is email delivery broken?

@djay Broken. Expect the missing ones in a few days, or around Christmas.

Thanks for the work.
Although this is better, it might be a bit frustrating for people new to Plone, as it also shows all the 'included' packages. Could there be any workaround for that ?

It's temporary. The new will be online shortly.