Plone 5 Custom Workflow


I try to create and run a custom workflow on Plone 5 (buildout from Plone-5-lastest). I created already a workflow, that runs with Plone 4.3. If I use the same source code with Plone 5 it fails with a traceback that ends with 'nonetype' object has no attribute 'getid'.
My workflow source code is here:

I tried the same with a copy from the default Plone workflow: copied the source, edit the workflow_id and the title. But that ends in the same traceback.
If I look into the title of the workflow then I find out that it was replaced with DC Workflow.

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You'll need to share the full error traceback.


I restarted my local machine again, recreated the workflow files again and the error is not there any more. I had this issue during the day more than ten times and now its gone: self-healing system?
I see a appropriate title of the workflow in portal_workflow and in the Content Settings configuration menu.

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