Plone 5 - collections not seeing tags

Hi - returned to Plone after a long absence and delighted to find Plone 5. Demo intranet created in an hour. However, I am attempting to add collections that will search for objects with the tag of Excel. Pretty much every content type can see Excel as a tag, but setting up a search criterion for a collection will not see the tag "Excel". So far, it is the only tag I have set up, so I don't yet know if it is something to do with the tag itself or with tags in general.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? If so, has anyone managed to fix it?

Many thanks for any and all help!

And to answer my own question - as soon as I added another tag to a test item, the collection started to see the first tag, plus the other that had been added. So I have a workable system, but a suspicion that there might be a small issue with the collection content type.


Please file the issue at

Will do – if I need help, I’ll get back in touch!

OK – how do I file an issue at Github? Complete noob on github so please outline steps. I have a login and that’s about the sum of my knowledge. :frowning:

Basically click on the green New Issue button and describe in as much detail as you can what the problem was that you found. Include details like the version of Plone, the version of the add-on or module, the expected behaviour and the actual behaviour.