Plone 5 browser support

Did anyone know what are Plone 5 browsers support? I found this info,, and believe that is out dated.

I believe it support latest version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE edge. What is the minimum IE version that will support Plone 5?

Since Plone 5 supports TinyMCE version 4, can we say it supports from IE 8 onward, based from


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any update on this?

I don't suppose robot framework works on IE so we could automate this?

Foremost question is: What changes in Plone 5, influence the browser compatibility compared to Plone 4?

I believe we targeted IE9 and above with the widgets and theme; however, there isn't a lot of active testing going on with those older browsers.

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This is an important issue as its a very obvious question that anyone wanting to install plone 5 will ask (and my clients have asked already). It's also not easy for us to answer on a ongoing basis without CI testing of versions. I'm not sure who is the best person to ask about this.

Testing (manually, not CI) was done with IE 8. Main reason for that is that some widely-used screenreader software was still based on that.

However, if your clients ask, you should point them to - they are basically putting themselves at increased risk by not using a modern version of IE.

As for screen readers, versions of JAWS from 2008 support more modern versions of IE; and since JAWS gained ARIA support in 2010 people have upgraded a long time ago, so the dreaded IE8 can probably go.

I'd still test on IE9 as there are still organisations out there using it, but since official support for it is dead (and that fact was well announced upon them by MS and their vendors) these organisations are playing a dangerous game.