Plone 5 and themes

I started trying to use plone 5, which is a fantastic product. However, I am facing a big problem: themes. In plone 4, I used to use a version of plonegov-br (PloneGov-BR · GitHub) that brought its own visual identity to government agencies. However, the project is not updated to plone 5.

An alternative would be to develop our themes ourselves. But, it seems that it is necessary to be a python programmer for this, which I am not. So, I'm not sure how to solve this issue of visual identity, since themes for plone are not as numerous as for other CMS.

Even with this reported problem, I do not intend to stop using plone, as it has brought us countless positive factors. I would just like to resolve this pending issue and, if anyone has any suggestions, it will be very welcome. it is very difficult when we are beginners in any subject. It's my case with plone.




Is it an option to outsource making the theme? I and some others make themes. I also have commercial theme where you can 'put everything together with Mosaic' without any coding ( website is not updated with the newest, but here is the url: )