Plone 5 and mimetype.icons error

When I create a new File in Plone 5.0.7 and attach a file, it's mime icon is displayed but only in the Edit mode. In the View mode Plone cannot find the icon file. It does not matter what file type I attach.

E.g. for PDF file, in Edit mode I can see the icon, it's path is /pdf.png.

When I switch to View mode, it's path changes to ++resource++mimetype.icons/pdf.png which returns 404 Not Found error.

This could be your settings for the theme, do you use the default barceloneta ?

What is the full url of the images (full path would be great)?

I am using the default theme. I did not touch it. The URL to not displayed icon is (this URL is displayed twice as 404 in Chrome Developer Tools)

Yes, this seems broken in 5.0.7. It doesn't happen in 5.0.6.

Just filed this:

According to a comment added in the issue, change this line in versions.cfg

Products.MimetypesRegistry = 2.0.10


Products.MimetypesRegistry = 2.1

and re-run buildout. I just tested this with Plone 5.0.7 and it worked.

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Thank you! Great tip. If the user don't have a versions.cfg local, put the version 2.1 inside a buildout.cfg file, in versions section and re-run buildout.

buildout.sanitycheck = 1.0.2
collective.recipe.backup = 2.20
plone.recipe.command = 1.1
plone.recipe.precompiler = 0.6
Products.PloneHotfix20160830 = 1.3
Products.PloneHotfix20160419 = 1.0
# Fix (
Products.MimetypesRegistry = 2.1
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I just upgraded a site from Plone 4.3.x to Plone 5.1.6 and I stumbled over this issue.

This is how I fixed it, since it seems at least for me it was broken after the upgrade. The code base I'm using is super huge so I can tell if it is an issue in plone itself, or just me.

    from Products.MimetypesRegistry.MimeTypeItem import PREFIX

    mimes_tool = api.portal.get_tool('mimetypes_registry')
    for mimetype in mimes_tool.mimetypes():
        first_mime = mimetype.mimetypes[0]
        attrs = {
            'name': first_mime,
            'new_name': first_mime,
            'mimetypes': mimetype.mimetypes,
            'extensions': mimetype.extensions,
            'icon_path': PREFIX + mimetype.icon_path,
            'binary': mimetype.binary,
            'globs': mimetype.globs,

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