Plone 5.2rc5 released

Plone 5.2rc5 has been soft-released. Please give it a try and let me know if there are any critical issues.

For those who haven't run across soft-releases before, this is the last step before the final release. Because things haven't been finalized yet, some packages may change between now and the release. It is not recommended to use soft-releases in production.

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@tisto Can you cut a new release of plone.restapi?

please add a new release of

add too please.

Added a new release of

@vincentfretin: Could we get a new

plone.restapi 4.2.0 released:

Vincent should be back from vacation just today.

Please also include new releases of plone.recipe.zope2instance and plone.testing.

And update the version.cfg with the coredev (which now uses Zope 4.1.1)

I encountered a ZCatalog/Textindex corruption in two cases with content created over plone.restapi

Reindexing solved the issue but there is something broken....

@esteele please include 5.1.17


  • Zope 4.1.1
  • 5.1.17
  • plone.restapi 4.3.0
  • plone.recipe.zope2instance 6.3.0
  • plone.testing 7.0.2
  • 3.2.1

Looks good.

I've removed the pending flag.

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It's working with the Unified Installer. Let me know if you want a new installer upload.


FYI: I just released plone.restapi 4.3.1:

Would be nice if that would make it into 5.2 final but it doesn't have to I guess.

That'd be great. I'll get the launchpad pages added.

Installer available at