Plone 5.2 remove inital main page

When I goto my website I get the View your Plone site and create a new Plone site.
when I select View your plone site of course it show up, how do I bypass this page and go directly to my site which would also bypass the create a new Plone site


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You've to setup a virtualhost in your webserver, to point to your site:8080/Plone. Avoid putting Plone on port 80 directly. The webserver also will manage ssl certificates, redirects, external authentication. Some documentation:

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How do I route the URL to just my website please

Which web-server do you run in front of Plone?

I thought Zope hosted the site, if not I will put an apache webserver in front and use Webmin to configure it

Only for development, for production use read Background: the stack — Plone Documentation v5.2 where you can read:
Zope/Plone is not meant to be exposed to the Internet without a guarding reverse-proxy server.

read above