Plone 5.2 release testing day coming up, March 14, 2019 PY DAY

As you know, Plone 5.2 is coming out Real Soon Now ™ (in fact, if you're like me, a lot sooner than you thought possible, brought to you by some truly amazing folks).

As part of our testing plan for this release, we will be asking you to help us test Plone 5.2 with copies of your custom code, your add-ons, and your site data (COPIES OF THE DATA). We are aiming to do this on March 14, 2019 ("Pi Day", or, rather more appropriately, "Py Day")

Stay tuned for details on who can help us (it will require a degree of comfort with the coredev buildout, so not for regular folks yet), what you will need, and where to connect with the release testing team in Gitter.



I've updated the database-porting-guide ( That will be merged soon.
During the sprint we should try to update/correct the docs even more and expand the "Troubleshooting" section and find out if can be merged.

A simple 5.x site with default-content is migratable without any issues currently (except for mentioned issue with ZCTextIndex). I even ported a site from Plone 4.3 with LinguaPlone an Archetypes all the way to Plone 5.2 with Dexterity on Python 3. It would be most interesting to try to port a old Data.fs with some addons and/or a lot of content and customisations.


Plone 5.2rc1 is relased. So we hava a nice and stable version to test the migration with. I suggest we'll meet in the Gitter channel and discuss and approaches. We can also do one or more Q&A-Sessions via Google Hangout. I'll be online starting at 09:30 UTC.

My personal goal for the day is to migrate a clients 12GB Database to Python 3. It has no AT dependencies and only a handfull of addons that are already support Python 3. That will be fun :smiley:


Shoot, I was going to try to join this but I completely forgot until late in the day. How did it go?

Sprint report

The sprint was quite a success. were not as many we we had hoped but we made a lot of progress. In the gitter-chat and in several hangouts we discussed issues that we encountered.

Several databases were successfully migrated to Python 3.
Personally I'm more than happy with the result since I managed to port a clients database of 15GB with a ton of add-ons.

We found a couple off issues in core-packages that we fixed:

But we also found some issues that still need to be resolved:

Among other the following add-ons were used in the ported databases and now support Python 3:

  • collective.geotransform
  • plone.patternslib
  • collective.behavior.banner
  • collective.easyform
  • pas.plugins.ldap
  • kitconcept.dsgvo
  • collective.themesitesetup
  • collective.themefragments
  • collective.folderishtypes
  • plone.formwidget.geolocation
  • collective.contentexport
  • Products.PloneKeywordManager
  • collective.js.jqueryui

We added some the issues that were related to migrating databases to the docs:

We also created a project for the release of Plone 5.2:

Please add issues that need to be resolved before a final release to this project.



I doubt that is fully working. You might be able to migrate the DB to Python3 and use a migrated site with the add-on. But there are still issues with Python3 when you activate/deactivate a theme (with the generated tar file).

I startet fixing py2/3 plone 5.1/2 tests here ... looks good to be finished by the next week.


True. collective.themesitesetup only has robot-tests and I did not waste my time to get them to run. There is still work ahead for this. But at least it did not prevent startup and use of the migrated site.

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