Plone 5.2 Release Team Meeting, March 17, 2019

The ad hoc Plone 5.2 release team met today.

Present: @pbauer @tisto @esteele @tkimnguyen

Sprint results

  • Fewer folks showed up than hoped but we got some good testing and fixing done
  • Philip fixed a blocker with PdbDebugMode
  • Migrated some databases successfully during the sprint, Plone 4 → 5.2 → Python 3

5.2 status


  • Plone RC currently depends on Zope 4 beta
  • When to do RC2? Wait for which blockers to be fixed?
    • RC2 by ~March 22-25 (pending on March 21)


  • [ ] Update the Plone roadmap date from March 30 (wait until Philip talks to Michael) (Kim)
  • [ ] News item about RC2 (wait until Philip talks to Michael) (Kim)
  • [ ] Press release in English and German, with screen shots. In websites, sent out so they’re published on the day. (Kim)
  • Philip will translate to German
    • Send it to the following outlets:
      • [ ] … (Philip to provide German ones)
      • [anyone else want to list other outlets? CNEWS? Slashdot? Python news site? CMS Wire?]
  • [ ] Something on the front page of, not a news item, but a Big Banner ™ ← I would need some kind of help here, as I’m not a designer

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