Plone 5.2 Release Team Meeting, June 30, 2019

Eric Steele, Paul Roeland, Philip Bauer, Kim Nguyen


  • Fixed all the blockers, including new blockers
  • Waiting for Zope 4.1.1 release (includes MI CSS fix)
    • Philip to ask Michael Howitz for new release
  • Schedule:
    • June 27: 5.2rc5-pending was released (it is missing the Python 3.8 trove classifier)
    • July 6/7: 5.2-pending
    • July 12: 5.2 final
    • Weekend of July 13 & 14: update, prepare installers, do last-minute stuff (docs release, update, update, community announcement, upgrade guide, feature listing/human readable release notes)
    • July 14: Last release meeting, publish installers
    • July 15: Press-releases
  • Discussed the apparent existence of sentient alligators in northern New York state



Now we know who reads carefully :slight_smile: