[Plone 5.2-rc2, Python3.6] can't do nonzero end-relative seeks

while developing addons for Plone I often use logtail to watch the output of the instance. But the new version always stops logging and instead throws this error:

can't do nonzero end-relative seeks

Is there anything I can do about this? Is there a workaround or a quick fix to get rid of stopping my log?

Thank you!

This is because the file is not opened with binary 'b' mode - says that answer.

instead of logtail, can tail -f work for you?

Yes, tail -f is the alternative I am using now. But logtail is more convenient in my opinion. Also if the answer is to just open the log in binary mode then it should be a simple fix for next version or maybe the stable build. :wink:

Bottom line, I don't think it's a plone error. More of a python / python 3 error.

What I find strange is that the linux distribution of logtail is a perl script. There is a logtail on pypi... but... I thought it was perl.

You may want to check your 'logtail' command and see where it came from. The perl version should not throw a python-3 ish error :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the pointer!
I've also got this error in a Plone 5.2 Docker image based on python:3.7-alpine3.9.

I could fix it after changing the following in docker-entrypoint.sh from:

/plone/bin/instance start
/plone/bin/instance logtail &


/plone/bin/instance console