Plone 5.2 and latest Zope 4: Needs Webdav expert!

Plone 5.2 should follow up with Zope 4 releases. (currently we are on Zope 4.1.3).

First, in Zope 4.2 WebDAV was reintroduced for ZServer. Probably this is for some of you good news....
Now we managed to make 4.2.1 work on Python 3, but with Archetypes on Python 2.7 it fails. See Pull Request here:

Who with some insight knowledge in WebDAV and Archetypes can help here?

Next step is then to go further to Zope 4.3 - which enables WebDAV also for WSGI servers. Given we're fine on Zope 4.2.1 there should not be larger problems left - I hope.

There is also a problem left in Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool PR23 which needs some love.

For Plone 6 we want to have Zope 5 as base (which main difference is to be Python 3 only) - and a precondition is to have a Plone on Zope 4.3 without the Zope 5 deprecation warnings running (most of them were eliminated at Alpine City Sprint).

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I maintain (and sponsor) the fs.webdavfs driver for pyfilesystem2.
The underlaying testsuite (73 tests!) is used to test my xmldirector.connector against various WebDAV backends:

(all red due to some buildout issue).

The driver itself is properly tested

and the testsuite can be configured through an environment variable to use an arbitrary WebDAV backend.

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I am at least looking into Zope 5.0a1 and WebDAV now and see how the webdavfs testsuite behaves with Zope 5.

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The test result for Zope 5/Webdav against our test suite is: 24 fails ouf of 73 tests...

A simple encoding fix in Zope's WebDAV code will bring the fails down to 5 out of 75..I will check into the remaining issues in order to make the implementation more compliant.

I committed a few fixes to the Zope 5 core that will fix some WebDAV issues.
The implementation of Zope 5 is then fully compliant with our own extensive WebDAV testsuite.


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