Plone 5.2: Add new users to certain groups

Plone 5.2.5
Products.PlonePAS 6.0.8

I have created two groups (One and Two).

What can I do so that all new registered users are automatically added to these two groups? (self-registration activated)


Unlikely possible without coding.

Something like this (from ChatGPT-4 :clown_face: )


Not the best/modern code, but reasonable:

from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName

def add_user_to_group(event):
    """Event subscriber to add a user to specific groups after the first login."""

    # Get the user object from the event
    user = event.object

    # Get the portal object
    acl_users = getToolByName(user, 'acl_users')
    portal = getToolByName(acl_users, 'portal_url').getPortalObject()

    # Get the portal_groups tool
    portal_groups = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_groups')

    # Get the user id
    user_id = user.getId()

    # Check if user already exists in any of the groups
    # Assuming you don't want to re-add users who are already members
    group_ids = [ for group in portal_groups.getGroupsByUserId(user_id)]
    if 'GroupOne' in group_ids and 'GroupTwo' in group_ids:

    # Add the user to the groups
    portal_groups.addPrincipalToGroup(user_id, 'GroupOne')
    portal_groups.addPrincipalToGroup(user_id, 'GroupTwo')

You got the idea..

If you want it to be dynamic, you can add a IGroupsPlugin like here:

and add a user to the group you want without storing them in the group source but assigning it by some rules.

Programmatically I'd use plone.api

see Groups โ€“ Backend โ€“ <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">plone.api</span></code> โ€” Plone Documentation v6.0

Thank you very much!


Is there a content rule that does this in versions higher than Plone 5.2.5?


For me the simplest would be the following (simplified steps):
Site Setup -> Content Rules -> Add content rule -> Triggering event = User Created -> Action = Add to groups -> select the desired groups -> Save.

I've looked to see if the action "Add to groups" exists, but I can't find it.

Does not exist? Is this something pending to be programmed and released?


PS: I have searched the following sites:
My Plone 5.2.5
Plone 6 Demo: Content Rules
Search results ยท PyPI

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I have this working, it will check 'usergroup settings in the registry' and add users to groups on every login:


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from plone import api
from my.addon.interfaces import IUserGroupSettings 

def add_user_to_group(event):
    """Event subscriber to add a user to specific groups after the first login."""

    # Get the user id
    user_id =  api.user.get_current()

    groups =   api.portal.get_registry_record('usergroup', interface=IUserGroupSettings)

    # Add the user to the groups
    if groups:
        for group in groups:
            if not group in user_id.getGroups():
        , user=user_id)
    #return True

I dont think there is a event for 'first time log in', but it is possible to check a users 'last login', so if that exists (or is newer than 2000/01/01 which might be the date if they have not logged in).

There is an event for the initial login:

(For reference, for only first login, use this:)


Manuel told me this only works AFTER the first login, if self registration is enabled. Is there another way of doing this?

UPDATE: I installed it on a new site, and it seems to work as expected, so not sure about the above.