Plone 5.2.9 released

I have released Plone 5.2.9.
With Buildout you can use the versions file at
With pip you can use the constraints file at

See the release page on for more info and links to the installers.

Release notes for Plone 5.2.9

Released: Thursday July 21, 2022.

Python compatibility

As usual, this release supports Python 2.7, 3.6, 3.7, and 3.8.

But note that both Python 2.7 and 3.6 have reached end of life. This means the wider Python community no longer supports it. For example, the default WSGI server used by Plone, which is waitress, has a security problem that is only solved on Python 3.7 and higher. If you use waitress on earlier Python versions, you are vulnerable.

Python 3.7 will reach end of life in June 2023. See Status of Python Versions for the canonical information. It will get harder to test and support Plone on unsupported Python versions.

Especially Python 2.7 should only be used as a temporary stepping stone before you migrate your Plone site to Python 3.


Interesting changes since 5.2.8:

  • waitress: Updated to version 2.1.2, which has a bugfix for the previous security fix.
    Version 2.1.1 could cause Plone to crash and restart. See also remark above on Python compatibility.
    • Add negation-query operators string.isNot and selection.none.
    • Make SearchableText work when using and and or as search items.
  • zodbverify: Improve debugging output: show all objects that reference an oid.
    See Philip's blog post
    and discussion in pull request for more information.

Docker image plone/plone-backend also released


I have this error moving to Plone 5.2.9 a buildout that pulls in

  File "/var/lib/jenkins/.buildout/eggs/", line 8, in <module>
    from import html
zope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: No module named ''

The issue is related to not having a proper requirement set in the

Quick fix: add to your instance eggs.
Down pinning to 5.0.1 might also work.

I will work to fix Handle the dependency on · Issue #95 · plone/ · GitHub.

Not really related to the release but I think it was worth sharing it here.