Plone 5.2.13 released

Plone 5.2.13 has been released!

Usually I first create a pending release, with a release candidate of Products.CMFPlone, so people can try it out before the release is final. This time I went a bit too fast, and only realised I had made a final release when it was too late. Sorry!
The good thing is that you have the final release a few days earlier now.

Release notes for Plone 5.2.13

If you want to jump straight in, here are two important links:


Major changes since 5.2.12:

  • Update Italian translations.
  • Products.CMFPlone: Drop Python 3.7 support.

Python compatibility

This release supports Python 2.7 and 3.8.

Important: This release no longer officially supports Python 3.7.

Python 3.7 has reached end-of-life in June.
We have stopped testing on 3.7 and no longer provide specific version pins for 3.7 (none seem needed at the moment though). This means that things may start breaking without being noticed. If something breaks and you can supply a fix, we are happy to include it in the next release though.

Plone 5.2 still supports Python 2.7, but this is end-of-life since 2020. It should only be used as a temporary stepping stone before you migrate your Plone site to Python 3.

The next release is scheduled for October 2023, and is planned to be the last regular release of Plone 5.2.
After that release, there is still one year of security support.

Versions of pip, zc.buildout, setuptools

In Plone core we use these versions to install Plone on Python 2:


and these on Python 3:


In general you are free to use whatever versions work for you, especially newer ones, but these worked for us.

Note that setuptools 66 is more strict with what versions it can recognize. If you run pip or buildout and it suddenly cannot find a package with a non-standard version, then this may be the cause. This is why we stayed at version 65 for this release. Likely, we will keep doing this for future Plone 5.2 releases.


For installation instructions, see the documentation.


If you find any issues, please report them in the main issue tracker.


So... I forgot to include some fixes I did myself in See this PR. I have now released version 5.6.5. If you use Plone in a multilingual setup, I recommend upgrading to this version, especially if your setup includes Indonesian. Summary:

  • Fix various problems when using the Indonesian language in a multilingual setup.
    This language has id as code. This is not allowed as an id in Plone, so it has always been created as id-id instead.
    This needs some special handling.
  • Fix set_recursive_language to actually find child objects. This is used to make sure that a language folder only contains content in this language.

I have updated to include this version.