Plone 5.1 how to remove searchbox?

It might have been several versions ago, I seem to recall a fairly simple means for removing the searchbox from Plone's upper right corner. On sites where we have no need for it, and it is interfering with the logo on mobile devices with the default Barceloneta theme, is there any simple means of making the box at least disappear from view, or outright removal (either is fine)?

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use /@@manage-viewlets for hiding plone.searchbox viewlet.

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Ah, that was it! Perfect. Thanks!

How do we preserve this change after a buildout or re-install? ( how do you hide a viewlet with generic setup?)

Hide it using your own viewlets.xml within your own policy package, hide it using CSS or remove it using Diazo.

I didn't expect @zopyx to reply so quickly!

Adding this to my viewlets.xml profile did the trick quite well:

  <hidden manager="plone.portalheader" skinname="Plone Default">
    <viewlet name="plone.searchbox" />


For anything similar it can be quite useful to export the settings from /portal_setup/manage_exportSteps to look at the syntax. PS: For some of the settings it is important to consider 'purge=False' (or True), like:

<value key="something" purge="false">

So that other settings /entries are not removed

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