Plone 5.1 Coredev Version Pin Questions

I just looked over the versions used by buildout.coredev 5.1 using plone.versioncheck and updated already a bunch of dependencies (PR created). But for some I'am not sure what to do:

  • Products.CMFCore: Plone 5.1 coredev uses 2.2.10, latest released is 2.3.0 with several fixes - why dont we use it?
  • z3cform: Plone 5.1 coredev uses 3.2.9, there is a 3.2.10 bugfix and a 3.3.0 minor release out, any reason to not upgrade?
  • dateutil: we're on 2.4.2 but 2.5.3 is recent with a bunch of fixes: - any reason for this?
  • pytz: we're on 2015.7 while 2016.6.1 is out - iirc there was some kind of problem left so we're stuck to the old. Any idea to improve here?
  • any reason to not update robotframework-selenium2library from 1.7.4 to 1.8.0?
  • CMFCore: I think it has incompatible changes, but I don't know what they would be. I think I asked about that a while ago, but can't find it.
  • z3c.form: 3.2.10 gives test failures. I fixed a part of that this week, see And I have another open pull request since yesterday:
  • z3c.form 3.3.0 has incompatible changes:
  • dateutil: don't know, probably fine to use new version
  • pytz: we had problems updating to 2015.7, especially due to tests in Plone that overrode the timezone and did not correctly set it back. That was solved. I would guess a newer version would be no problem.
  • Selenium2Library: don't know, probably fine to use new version

lets try it:

@mauritsvanrees you were right dateutil, pytz, Selenium2Library are fine and updated now. CMFCore has problems, from a first look its a change in the test setup.