Plone 5.1.4 + ECQuiz migrate to Plone 5.2

I'm running ECQuiz for online tests, under Plone 5.1.4. It does the job for us and I'd like to keep using it. However, since ECQuiz is built on Archetypes, I can't upgrade to Plone 5.2. I've searched the docs for converting Archetypes code to Dexterity code and I'm confused where to start. It would be ideal if there was some kind of guide specifically for this purpose but so far I haven't found one. Can someone suggest what to read?

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I would assume that it will be a quite big task to convert it unless you have some programming experience with both Archetype and Dexterity. Almost 'everything' has to be rewritten. Except from the Archetype content types (which is probably the easiest), you also have to remake all the views in 'skins'.

If you consider doing it yourself, you should at least check out

ECQuiz (circa 2010) on Plone 5, how clever?

Any link where I can get the latest ECQuiz that can run on Plone 5? Thank you in advance....

As said: ECQuiz can run on 5.1, but not on 5.2 (and Python 3) since there is no support for Archetypes anymore.

Someone will have to 'remake the add-on with Dexterity'. Due to 'date of last commit', I doubt that will happen unless someone are willing to pay for the job.

Wild, wild guess, but I would guess it is at least 2 days work.

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