Plone 5.1.2 soft-released (was Plone 5.1.2 release schedule)

The release team has scheduled the Plone 5.1.2 release for April 5th. Please have your pull requests and translations in by March 30th.


Here are the current percentages of translations in Plone 5.1:

$ i18ndude list -p plone
Messages: 3172

100% - Basque (eu)
100% - Español (es)
 95% - Italiano (it)
 95% - Português do Brasil (pt-br)
 90% - Nederlands (nl)
 89% - Catalan (ca)
 88% - Traditional Chinese (zh-tw)
 88% - French (fr)
 85% - Deutsch (de)
 79% - Japanese (ja)
 79% - Українська (uk)
 75% - Danish (da)
 70% - Chinese Simplified (zh-cn)
 68% - Russian (ru)
 68% - Slovenian (sl)
 61% - Czech (cs)
 55% - Suomeksi (fi)
 54% - English (sv)
 52% - Romanian (ro)
 51% - Polish (pl)
 50% - Norsk (no)
 48% - Slovenčina (sk)
 47% - Afrikaans (af)
 45% - Esperanto (eo)
 44% - Türkçe (tr)
 42% - Português (pt)
 41% - Vietnamese (vi)
 41% - Bulgarian (bg)
 36% - Bahasa Indonesia (id)
 36% - עברית (he)
 34% - Galego (gl)
 33% - Arabic (ar)
 32% - Lithuanian (lt)
 32% - Magyar (hu)
 25% - Ελληνικά (el)
 25% - Latviešu (lv)
 20% - Serbian (sr)
 20% - Macedonian (mk)
 20% - Serbian (Latin) (sr-Latn)
 16% - Welsh (cy)
 16% - Estonian (et)
 16% - Persian (fa)
 16% - Burmese (my)
 15% - Furlan (fu)
 14% - Kannada (kn)
 14% - Georgian (ka)
 14% - Chinese(HongKong) (zh-hk)
 12% - Thai (th)
  8% - 한국어 (ko)
  8% - Croatian (hr)
  7% - Nynorsk (nn)
  7% - tamil (ta)
  7% - Bengali (bn)
  7% - Armenian (hy)
  7% - Telugu (te)
  6% - Hindi (hi)
  2% - Albanian (sq)

That is for the plone domain. For more stats, see Jenkins.

Find your favorite language and try to move it up in this list by adding translations. Plone 5.1 uses the master branch of

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"English (sv)" ?

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Super Villain english? El Salvador!

oh you are funny. It's obviously a mistake in the field of the plone.pot file

"Language-Code: sv\n"
"Language-Name: English\n"

The plone.po file contains:

"Language-Team: Svenska...

Svenska is Sweden.

I don't read the language but it sure looks more like a Nordic language than a Latin one.

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@gforcada Will we have to do anything special to account for or has it already been taken care of?

I don't think so, and changes are merged and the pull request in p.a.upgrade is about to get merged, but that's not a blocker IMHO.

@vincentfretin did we miss anything? :thinking:

All good, but we need your upgrade step in the Plone release otherwise it's a translation regression. We don't want that for a minor release.

I have just merged that one ( Would need a new release.
BTW, is down.

Plone 5.1.2 has been soft-released. Please give it a try and let me know if there are any critical issues.

For those who haven’t run across soft-releases before, this is the
last step before the final release. Because things haven’t been
finalized yet, some packages may change between now and the release. It
is not recommended to use soft-releases in production.


plone.releaser: 1.5.5 → 1.6.0

New features:

  • New zest.releaser hook: update other buildout.coredev branches as well.
    This automates the manual bookeeping that one has to do whenever releasing packages:
    i.e. to check if the package just released is also checked out and used in other buildout.coredev branches.

  • Ensure that selected packages are always kept on checkouts.cfg.

zest.releaser: 6.13.4 → 6.14.0

i18ndude: 4.3 → 4.4.0

New features:

  • In the list command, show only languages with existing po files,
    ordered by percentage. A new --tiered option uses the traditional
    behavior with languages in a specific order in three tiers.

Bug fixes:

  • Sort files that we extract messages from.
    On Linux they were already sorted, but not on Mac, leading to a test failure.

  • find-untranslated no longer complains about attributes with chameleon syntax.
    An html tag with title="${context/Description}" is no longer
    marked as having an untranslated title tag.
    Fixes issue 53 <>_.

collective.monkeypatcher: 1.1.3 → 1.1.4

Bug fixes:

  • Fix import for Python 3

mockup: 2.7.1 → 2.7.2

New features:

  • Add imageClasses option to the tinymce pattern
    to allow overriding the list of alignment classes.

  • Include TinyMCE 4.7.6

Bug fixes:

  • Link to /edit rather than /@@edit from structure pattern actions.
    This fixes the link for Archetypes content items.

Plone: 5.1.1 → 5.1.2

New features:

  • Release Plone 5.1.2
    [esteele] 1.2.20 → 1.2.21

New features:

  • Use plone as i18n domain in ZCML files too

  • Use plone as i18n domain

Bug fixes:

  • Fix backslash escapes in i18nstring (poedit complains).
    [jensens] 3.5 → 3.5.2

Bug fixes:

  • fix drag & drop in folder listing on plone root

  • Use _ instead of PC_ in so the messages are extracted for translation.
    [malikrohit16] 1.4.9 → 1.4.10

New features:

  • Set the key while running a migration.
    Other addons can check for that and handle accordingly.

Bug fixes:

  • Implement better human readable file size logic.

  • Do not encode query strings on internal link redirections;
    fixes issue 457 <>_.

  • Migrations:

    • Handle ignore catalog errors where a brain can't find it's object.
    • Try to delete the layout attribute before setting the layout.
      Rework parts where the layout is set by always setting the layout.
  • In folder listings, when a content object has no title show it's id instead of an empty title.

  • Fix upgrades steps when the catalog is inconsistent
    [ale-rt] 2.4.8 → 2.4.9

Bug fixes:

  • Don't break if types are without widgets or groups.
    Fixes an error with displaying TTW Dexterity types via full_view.
    [thet] 3.3.4 → 3.3.5

Bug fixes:

  • Mark strings in delete confirmation screen translatable
    [erral] 5.1.6 → 5.1.8

  • Complete spanish translation.

  • Compelete basque translation.

  • Include translations.

  • Include translations.

  • Update Brazilian Portuguese translations.
    [hvelarde, agnogueira, lyralemos]

  • Update Italian translations.
    [ale-rt, cekk]

  • Update German translations.
    [jensens, agitator]

  • Update Traditional Chinese translations.

  • Got back the 8 messages for the contrain types menu from the 4.3.x branch.

  • Complete widgets translation in spanish.

  • Complete Basque translation for widgets.

  • Update Traditional Chinese translations.
    [l34marr] 5.1.4 → 5.2.0

New features:

  • Move translations to Fixes #191

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Python 3 import.

  • Remove language-switcher from available view methods when uninstalling

  • Fix i18n markup in multilingual map to avoid ${DYNAMIC_CONTENT} strings in po files

  • Fix i18n markup of the viewlet shown in the translation creation view.
    [erral] 4.3.1 → 4.3.2

Bug fixes:

  • Catch NotFound while trying to traverse to portlet add views
    to check permission.
    [davisagli] 1.7 → 1.7.1

Bug fixes:

  • Python 2 / 3 compatible imports.
    [pbauer] 1.2.10 → 1.2.11

Bug fixes:

  • Python 3 fixes
    [pbauer] 2.0.2 → 2.0.3

Bug fixes: 2.0.12 → 2.0.13

Bug fixes:

  • Change in TinyMCE css location so bundles can be built without errors
    Fixes issue 2359 <>_.
    [frapell] 2.4.1 → 2.4.2

Bug fixes:

  • Make field description translatable.

plone.dexterity: 2.5.5 → 2.6.0

New features:

  • Move translations to

Bug fixes:

  • Other Python 3 compatibility fixes

plone.folder: 1.0.10 → 1.0.11

New features:

  • Improve logging in case ordered index is not consistent

Bug fixes:

  • Remove ancient buildout config

  • Replace deprecated testing assertion calls

plone.protect: 3.1.2 → 3.1.3

Bug fixes:

  • More Python 2 / 3 compatibility

plone.scale: 3.0 → 3.0.1

Bug fixes:

  • Fix conflict resolution code corner case.

plone.theme: 3.0.4 → 3.0.5

Bug fixes:

  • Handle case where we get no skinname in Zope4.

Products.CMFDiffTool: 3.1.6 → 3.2.0

New features:

  • Use plone domain for translations

Bug fixes:

Products.CMFDynamicViewFTI: 4.1.6 → 4.1.7

Bug fixes:

  • Fix missing ClassType in Python 33

Products.CMFEditions: 3.1.1 → 3.2.0

New features:

  • Allow disabling versioning per object.
    Plone issue 2341 <>_

Bug fixes:

  • Make imports Python 3 compatible
    [ale-rt, pbauer]

  • Don't depend on ZODB version 3 directly

Products.CMFPlone: 5.1.1 → 5.1.2

New features:

  • Enhanced output of Advanced Catalog Clear And Rebuild feature.
    Better logging with progress and number of objects before and after.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug in ajax standard_error_message. [djay, maurits]

  • Fix controlpanel quickinstaller view:
    A not yet installed product must not return any upgrade info.

  • Fix to make plone/plone.session#11 work:
    Make test for installation of plone.session more explicit.

  • Advanced Catalog Clear And Rebuild feature showed wrong processing time due to new queue processing.
    This was fixed bei calling processQueue() after indexing.

  • Some nested section id="edit-bar" tag in folder_contents page #2322

  • Change in TinyMCE css location so bundles can be built without errors
    Fixes issue 2359 <>_.

Products.MimetypesRegistry: 2.1.2 → 2.1.3

Bug fixes:

  • Add Python 2 / 3 compatibility [pbauer]

Products.ResourceRegistries: 3.0.6 → 3.0.7

Bug fixes:

  • Fix relative import for py3

Products.Archetypes: 1.15 → 1.15.1

Bug fixes:

  • Use the edit accessor to get text for TinyMCEWidget.

  • Fixed html errors in documentation found with latest version of i18ndude.

Products.ATContentTypes: 2.3.7 → 2.3.8

Bug fixes:

  • Handle no content icon in folder_tabular_view

  • Fix AttributeError: 'Plone' object has no attribute 'mark_view'
    in folder_full_view
    [davisagli] 1.3.2 → 1.3.3

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • Remove obsolete grok usage
    [tomgross] 1.4.2 → 1.4.3

Bug fixes:

  • Require in the Products.CMFDefault

Jenkins is up again.

@esteele You can remove the temporary Zope2 pins, like I did just now on coredev 5.1.

I see there is a small problem with upgrading, where puts the site in metadata version 5113, where that should have been 5112. That is probably caused by me merging Gil's change late, needing a new release which inadvertently already had defined an upgrade to version 5113. It causes no real problem, but the upgrade gives a warning, which will cause questions, which we definitely do not want.
I'll see what I can do about that.

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Okay, I have created a PR to fix the upgrade warning.

Other than that, 5.1.2-pending looks good to me. I tried it on one project.

about this post:

I have given a quick look at this problem and it is sufficient to copy the 5.08 version for



bin/plone-compile-resources -b resourceregistry

and reload the page for the resource registry control panel to fix this regression from 5.0 to 5.1.

it seems that this commit broke it.

When removing it, resources personalisatons are saved again. Now I am not sure that they can be accessed, I have to check the python code for overrides.

replying to myself, no, customized resources can't be accessed correctly, even when saved correctly with 5.08 version of override.js, the line 38 of Products/CMFPlone/

                if resource_filepath in directory:

is not precise enough, it works only if the file is at the root level in the directory, when it is the path of a file (path/to/file) that is used, 'file in directory' returns false. There is a method for that, isFile, when using it everything works.

for completeness about the 5.1.2 problems this little regression should be included;

I can confirm the problem and indeed reverting the changes to Products/CMFEditions/skins/CMFEditions/ is doing the trick, trouble is that there is no 5.1.x (Python 2 only) branch in CMFEditions.

Folder contents navigation is broken with 5.1.2 (and was not before). See

This change has been reverted in 5.1x branch

I've released which includes Maurits' fix for the upgrade warning and Products.CMFPlone which reverts the change that broke the folder contents navigation.

I'm having mixed results running buildout locally, with a "Couldn't find a distribution for '[test]=='" in some cases. Could I get some verification that the 5.1.2-pending is working for others with those two new packages?

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