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Hi everyone!

In a previous topic I discussed with some people of the community how to upgrade some sites from Plone 3.1 to 5.2 . In the process I was able to upgrade some of the sites and not others. My question to the community is: can I have several Plone sites on a certain version working on Plone 5 server? should they match versions? All the portals have to be on the same version?

Thank you for your time and sorry if don't use correct terminology, my knowledge about cms is basic to say the most.

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In case You asking, we want to have everything on a server with Plone 5 due to security measures.

You want to run multiple different Plone installations with various Plone versions on one server?
The answer is yes. If you have older Plone versions running on Python 2.7 and Plone 5.2 running on Python 3 then you need to install both Python versions. New distros have Python 3 as system Python. Check with the distro if there is a supplementary Python 2 package in addition. If not, install Python 2.7 from the sources or use something like pyenv for installing several Python versions yourself on the system (without root access). Or you use the Plone universal installers that come with their own Python (optionally, as far as I know - never used them in my life).

my objective is migrate 3 sites on Plone 4.3.7 and 4 sites on Plone 3.3.6 to a server in which I installed Plone 5.2.Is this possile?

yes, either using

  • in-place Plone migration
  • export/import via Transmogrifier
  • export/import using custom code (as we use it usually)

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