Plone 4.3 template can not get new user Role

in custom edit template i display user roles:
<metal:block fill-slot="widgets">
<tal:globals tal:define="
portal_membership nocall: context/portal_membership;
userRoles python: portal_membership.getAuthenticatedMember().getRoles();

from /@@usergroup-userprefs i added, removed roles to a test user,
but when logged in as test user i see the same roles!

Test user roles shown changed in custome edit template only when i restart client by runnning

bin/client1 restart; bin/client1 stop; bin/client1 fg

Could anyone give advice? Many thanks.

the code for displaying user roles in custom edit template:

<p tal:content="userRoles "></p>

just a quick guess: maybe the result of the rendered page template gets cached in ram cache (and re-validated by restarting the instance)
to validate this try to disable caching in the /@@caching-controlpanel

thx frisi for helping me!

i could not find any good cache setting for that custom edit template,

i found the solution: add/remove roles via

:slight_smile: this works like charm