Plone 4.3 in Windows Service manager

We're upgrading a customer's py26 Plone 4 to py27. Created a py27 virtualenv, updated the buildout in-place (newer bootstrap, zc.buildout). Zeoserver and clients now run fine.

Problem is installation in Windows service manager: This was a binary installer originally. The buildout parts that should generate the Service-specific python binaries used enfold.recipe.winserver, which is not on the customer's server anymore and has gone. Can't find it on github either. From i deduce that installing Plone in service manager is non-trivial even on Plone 5.

  • Could one do manually what that recipe does, and if yes, how?
  • Who has used We're considering that to be an option, if the customer's IT allows it.
  • Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

Ask Enfold if they still have the egg somewhere and if they'd be nice enough to put it on PyPi.

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I found a Plone-4.3.1-win64.exe on LaunchPad. Not sure if it would install with a different Python version though: I seem to remember Python was packaged with the installer.

We're currently trying out which looks nice.

You can certainly exhume enfold.recipe.winservice from an old Plone Windows installer (4.2 or something like that). These days it was considered taboo to have a server connected to the Internet so everything had to be packaged in the installer.