Plone 4.3 add-ons used at UW Oshkosh

We have started putting together a list of add-ons useful in educational settings: [login required to view]

That page is still being developed, so in the meantime I have posted this list of add-ons we use at UW Oshkosh for our current Plone 4.3 Zope: [published]

Why are there two collective.easyslider eggs within the buildout?

Within an active project we are currently testing collective.taxonomy as a multilingual category management for a website in 10 languages with close to 100 categories within the migrated content. Although the Plone categorisation/tag mechanism is powerful we needed a multilingual mechanism that did not reproduce every item (taxonomy uses the VDEX system -

Just something other's might be considering in a multilingual educational context. not your everyday use-case.

Um, I've removed the duplicate line :slight_smile: Thank you!

What is this very interesting sounding web site project that requires support for ten languages? Is it educational in nature?

I am still submitting add-ons to the project... Please do so if you really like a particular add-on!

No worries, two pairs of eyes are better than one :wink:

I thought the Paragon nominations were closed already! thanks for the reminder.

We are developing a Plone site for an NGO that does peace education worldwide - currently on an outdated version of eZ Publish ( - part of the CMF platform we are developing is a series of Dexterity content types which contain 'peace ressources' for teachers/parents/anyone to use to assist in transmitting a culture of peace.

These resources will be translated by volunteers into 10+ languages post-launch using and collective.taxonomy - I plan on writing more about this site once we surpass the development phase and have more than just a moment to breath.

As such our use-case is not that of a 'traditional' educational facility but we work in the education and collaborate with UNESCO, UNICEF, and national educational institutions.

Kim - these are both really helpful - thanks !

Having been burned by a carousel-like add-on some years back I'm sensitive
to ease-of-removal for the quasi-non-technical user. I'll be glad to work
with you to annotate the list with some thoughts about how to remove the
products you don't like.



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