Plone 4.3.9 soft-released

Plone 4.3.9 has been soft-released. Please give it a try and let me know if there are any critical issues.

For those who haven't run across soft-releases before, this is the
last step before the final release. Because things haven't been
finalized yet, some packages may change between now and the release. It
is not recommended to use soft-releases in production.



Plone: 4.3.8 → 4.3.9

Products.CMFPlone: 4.3.8 → 4.3.9 1.1.10 → 1.1.11 2.1.14 → 2.1.15 1.3.21 → 1.3.22


  • Registry upgrades for Plone 5.1 (less variables).

plone.formwidget.namedfile: 1.0.14 → 1.0.15


  • Fix issue, where NamedFileWidget and NamedImageWidget on
    zope.schema.ASCII fields cleared the field values on resubmit
    with action nochange.
    Fixes: plone/Products.CMFPlone#1144
    [thet] 1.2.1 → 1.2.3

plone.recipe.zope2instance: 4.2.19 → 4.2.20


  • Revert changes made on previous release.
    The way zopectl and this recipe handle commands
    is totally different.

six: 1.8.0 → 1.10.0

Builds cleanly with the unified installer.

@esteele may I ask if 4.3.8 is somehow broken? should we wait for 4.3.9 before upgrading?

There was a minor issue in plone.recipe.zope2instance and the Zope2 update that just missed not getting into 4.3.8. 4.3.9 won't be a vital update for most.

I'm also trying to get onto a faster schedule for everything, so that's the other reason this is coming out so shortly after 4.3.8.

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