Plone 4.3.17 release missing in downloads and hotfix-matrix

plone 4.3.17 has been released Plone 4.3.17 soft-released

the download page still links to 4.3.15:

@tkimnguyen - can you change this or know who is responsible?

and 4.3.17 is missing in the hotfix matrix:
@loechel i think you did these kind of changes in the past

Thanks @frisi I can change what's on the download page but if it has been only "soft-released" it means that it's not fully official yet. That would explain why it's not yet listed on the hotfix page.

FYI the pending tag was removed and the installer is here

hi @tkimnguyen

the link in the forum get's named after the topic (which is "4.3.17 soft-released") but i linked to a comment from @esteele written on April 8th:

I’ve removed the pending tag and sent it along to the installers team.

this, and the missing "pending" in made me suppose the release is official now

OK thanks for clarifying! Am in contact with @esteele and we will get it resolved

I did update the hotfix listing

Hi everybody, and particularly @esteele, it would be nice to have a new release of Products.Archetypes in Plone 4.3.17 :wink: