Plone 4.2.5 date bug? Publishing Date become 2020 after save

Publishing Date set to 2024 and will become 2020 after save. Anyone have meet the same issue, and any idea about how to fix it?


Working in 5.2

Any one still using Plone 4 and have solution for this issue?

Did you check it is not a javascript problem? Maybe the js widget set it wrongly?

Have disable javascript in a browser and do a test... it act the same selected Publishing Date 2024 and it become 2020 after save.

Same with Plone 4.2.4
Javascript disabled.

The value saved is good, but the widget in edit mode show a different date.

Example : saved a 2024/10/01, the widget in edit mod show a 2020/12/31 date

We run into the same issue in an older Plone site. The problem is a hard coded PLONE_CEILING date in (< 2.2.4).

The workaround for us was to pin to 2.2.4


See for this issue.