Please test release 3.0.0rc1 of buildout (It supercedes previous 3.0.0b5)

... that I just released.

I am getting close to comfortable to making a 3.0.0 final release.
Nevertheless, I'd appreciate feedback before.

Enjoy !


@icemac did file a bug report. Thanks !

The fix is in zc.buildout 3.0.0b5 (zc.buildout · PyPI)

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Thanks @gotcha for your work!
I made some tests with 3.0.0b4 and everything was running smoothly :slight_smile:

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I successfully added b5 to two customer projects. Thank yo very much for woking on buildout.

I just see some warnings when packages are in the cache directory those name contains a hyphen (like pytest-cov) that e. g. cov-3.0 is not a valid version number – but I am not sure if they are caused by zc.buildout 3.0.0b5 or something else. – Should I create an issue in the tracker for this?

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Do you refer to is an invalid version and will not be supported in a future release warnings ?

If yes, they are due to recent setuptools. Do you have setuptools >= 58.4.0 ?
If yes, are those warnings still there when downgrading ?

I wonder if it would make sense to add an option to buildout to hide those warnings.

@gotcha I created buildout 3: PkgResourcesDeprecationWarning for packages containing a hyphen · Issue #594 · buildout/buildout · GitHub with a more precise description of the warnings I see.

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There is now a 3.0.0rc1 release that will hopefully be the last before final.

Feedback welcome !


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