Please help me make a change to mockup

It's been a while since I've done any work on Plone mockup and I'm now having trouble remembering the right way to make a change. Can someone point me to current instructions or help me out?

I tried this:

  1. Add a source checkout of mockup to my buildout.
  2. Run "make bootstrap" in the mockup directory
  3. Make my change
  4. Start Plone and put the plone-loggedin bundle into development mode.
    But I just get script errors:

Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://localhost:8081/plone/mockup-patterns-recurrence.js”. (this URL is a 404)

And a bunch of "XML Parsing Error: not well-formed" errors while reading various xml templates.

I also tried running "make bundle-plone" in the mockup directory, which succeeded, but I'm not sure what to do with the result. I need to update plone-loggedin-compiled.js in CMFPlone but I don't see this file in the mockup build directory after running "make bundle-plone".


To answer my own questions:

I eventually found the instructions in DEVELOPING_BUNDLES.rst in CMFPlone. Before this I had looked at the readme in mockup and at the developer docs, which didn't help me. I will try to follow up soon and move the instructions in DEVELOPING_BUNDLES.rst into the developer docs so they're easier to find.

The missing script may have been due to a missing upgrade step (this site was upgraded from Plone 4). I added it to the registry manually using the info in CMFPlone's registry.xml.

I'm still seeing the “XML Parsing Error: not well-formed” messages in Firefox but they don't seem to interfere with things working.


thanks for sharing, it cheers me to see that more competent people have trouble to find this -cleverly hidden in plain sight :slight_smile: - info (I failed and used TTW compilation but it could come handy later)

The “XML Parsing Error: not well-formed” are due to xml templates which are loaded via requirejs. You can safely ignore them.

This is my workflow:

  • Add mockup to source checkouts,
  • Send the resource registry in development mode,
  • Send the bundle I want to work on / where the mockup pattern is loaded in into "Develop Javascript"

Then you just have to reload the page and see all changes immediately.

When I want to re-create the bundle I use ./bin/plone-compile-resources -b BUNDLENAME (See more options by passing --help). You need somethins similar like that in buildout:

Of course, the things in mockup's dev docs also apply. Especially the tests should pass.

I do not create any bundles via the grunt setup in mockup anymore.

The url "http://localhost:8081/plone/mockup-patterns-recurrence.js” is also wrong. See configure.zcml in mockup - this registerst some plone.resource directories and one of them points to mockup/mockup/patterns.

Right -- it was trying to use /plone/mockup-patterns-recurrence.js by default because mockup-patterns-recurrence was missing from my registry for some reason, so it was not included in the require.js config.

Thanks for confirming that the development workflow I eventually ended up with is also similar to yours. As I said, I'll follow up and make sure the documentation is up to date and in a better location.

Sometimes I find it's best to think of Zope/Plone as a puzzle adventure game.


Like this one?


I have to say - apart from being based on already ancient JS technologies - that workflow is pretty cool.