PFG vs. collective.easyform

I am sketching a migration strategy for a major Plone 4 -> 5 upgrade where the site uses heavily PFG.

  • am I right that there is no PFG implementation based on Dexterity? I see some adapters based on Dexterity but no core PFG implementation based on DX
  • is collective.easyform mature enough for production? Is there a migration path (upgrade step, migration script) for moving PFG content to easyform?


@smcmahon worked on the PFG migration branch. But it's not yet ready/merged.

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I've been using easyform with P5 for 2 years and it's fine but I haven't used it nearly as heavily as PFG.

easyform is not feature compatible with PFG as we found out recently. It doesn't have TAL expression overrides for things like the email address for example. But other than that it seems to work ok. PFG also works in plone 5.
Plomino is by far the most flexible and feature rich plone 5 form builder. The next iteration will be much simpler for non technical people but due to its features it will always be somewhat more complex than both easyform and PFG.

We use PFG a LOT at University of Jyväskylä, both in Plone 4 and Plone 5. The reason for not using EasyForm are various addons tailored for PFG.

But as it happens, we plan to sprint on this topic (PFG and EasyForm + Plone 5) at Midsummer Sprint in July :slight_smile:

So everyone interested, your welcome to participate (or comment or give ideas or whatever :slight_smile: )

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Oooh nice. Sounds like something the PloneEdu people would love to hear about :wink: And maybe @pjoshi_ might have time to join in?

2 years on - I have the same question. What's the state of migration from PloneFormGen to collective.easyform? The branch mentioned above has not been merged, yet the news in PFG is that it won't move off Archetypes. Has anyone done an automated migration for this, or is it manual only?

Ps I'm back ! (courtesy of those nice guys at 4TW)


Have you seen PloneFormGen -> collective.easyform migration? ?

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Thanks @zopyx (and @agitator) - I'll take a look!

There goes the neighbourhood!!!!

Oh I forgot ..... :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is pull-request that adds migration for PFG to easyform:

Thanks @pbauer, yes that's the happy ending of the same story!