Path to unified installer for unix 5.2 appears to be incorrect

From this page:

On this page, i follow the instructions for installing on unix box, i use this in the ssh session:

: wget --no-check-certificate

I get a 404 error.

I believe the correct path should be;

wget --no-check-certificate this worked for me.

The current installer is at .

I suggest you start at to make sure you're working with the latest installer revision. We should probably update the README to remove hard paths to tarballs.

Thanks @smcmahon.

Why is the installer still "rc2". it is no longer a release candidate.
I realize this may not be important.

Thanks for managing the hard work of the installer and working on Plone.

The installer is "r2" -- revision 2. Plone itself is 5.2.0.

ahh! thanks, now I get it.