Pat-moment in multi-lingual context

What is the deal/trick for using pat-moment on a Plone site with US and DE content?

A template uses this which is applicable for DE content but not US content:

class="pat-moment" data-pat-moment="format:DD.MM.YYYY"

..or do we have to use toLocalizedTime() again?

Moment JS has some Localized formats which you can use as format values. You can check them here: (section "Localized formats")

This should be fixed in the pattern instead (to use the current 'locale').
Especially since it is 'everywhere'

In fact, I can not find any place where it is display 'correctly'


I have those screens translated in a Plone 5.1.5 where I am working right now:



There must be something wrong in the pattern configuration or in your Plone site not to load the translations. You can check the pattern configuration here, I see a language list and perhaps your language is not there and dates are not shown correctly:

I checked with French as well and it was the same.
I am on Plone 5.2, though… dont know if that matters.

On my Plone 5.2 instance it seems to work before switching to english and back to german

Correction: upon login, the text is in german. Reloading the same page changes the text to english. This behavior then persists even after logging out (i.e. must start a private browser session to observe).

Correction 2: forcing a reload with ctrl-shift-r reverts the text to german