[pas.plugins.ldap] settings export to ldapsettings.xml empty

A customer is currently trying to persist its pas.plugins.ldap settings through portal_setup -> Export -> LDAP. The generated ldapsettings.xml file is empty....any idea why?

Probably a bug, better report at the issue tracker than at community forum.

Ok, I tried this with the 1.7.0 (released 10 min ago, before I read your post). I created a vanilla site LDAP with default settings, changed one setting. Go to ZMI -> portal_setup -> export, check LDAP box and export this step.

All fine, I got 50 lines XML.

cool! that explains a lot. I am going to rerun buildout - wish me luck!

If you need an example on how to programmatically set up pas.plugins.ldap, see this example add'on:

We distilled it from an internal project where we migrated several sites from plone.app.ldap to pas.plugins.ldap.

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