Packages on useful? [Poll]

When creating a Plone release on, the Plone Release Managers upload package distributions to the release directory, for example in 5.2.4. Is anyone using these?

The main reason for uploading seems to have been to give some protection against a broken PyPI, or someone deleting a package from PyPI, but I can't remember the last time this happened.

The main reason I ask: to do this job of fail-over for PyPI good, we should upload all source distributions and all wheels. This is tedious, although we now have a release/tox.ini that helps ease the burden. But it does not upload them all:

  • Some are uploaded as source distribution (tarball, zip) and some as binary distribution (wheel). Best would be both.
  • Some wheels have C code, and they are specific for one architecture. In this case you get wheels only for Mac, because that is the architecture I use. Best would be to have wheels for at least Mac, Linux, Windows.
  • For some packages, this can get out of hand quick. cffi has 37 distribution files...

In other words: uploading distributions to may have had some value in the past, but currently this value is quite limited. It may be time to remove this feature.

If we stop doing this:

  • We will of course continue to upload the versions.cfg, constraints.txt, etc, to the release directories.
  • We won't delete any currently uploaded distributions.

So here is a quick poll:

Do you use distributions in releases?
  • Yes, please keep them.
  • No, it is fine to leave them away in future versions.

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This is not about for example, but only about

If we have wheels with C code, those should be build in CI for Linux using GitHub - pypa/manylinux: Python wheels that work on any linux (almost) for PyPI or whereever uploaded.