P5 contact-info form problem

In previous Plone versions I was able to set the "subject", "sender_fullname", etc, of the "contact-info" form by appending this:

In Plone 5 I cannot do this anymore.

  1. why?
  2. how to do this in Plone 5??
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One option could be to use collective.easyform (or maybe Formgen) to make a new contact form
It has these features (to override fields).

Notice: easyform has Unicode errors, so if you language has special characters it will not work

In Plone 5 it was reimplemented using z3c.form. In some ways you could argue it's more secure to do it this way, otherwise people could make your form do unintended things by inserting things into the URL.

@JotaMG it would be good to know the context and usecase you were using this so it can be captured somewhere. Perhaps there is a better way to do it, or perhaps it can be feed back in as a feature improvement?

The use case is very simple, is when you want to have diferent "Subjets" for diferent situations the user may want to send email.
No need to have a separate contact form for each one, the previous way was very hand, but of course security cames first over convenience.

If you want to set the subject that way, and you don't want to customize the contact-info form, why not just craft the mailto: link so that it uses the person's mail client to send the message (and set the subject)? e.g. mailto:bla@mydomain.com?subject=Some+Topic

Because the idea is to only use Plone not external tools.
Anyway, that was when we were testing Plone 5 and finding how many regressions P5 has regarding P4, but our client decided to continue with Plone 4.1.