Override Easy Form’s mailers 'To'

Easy Form uses the settings of Mail setup in control panel as default 'To' (recipient).

I would prefere to have a way of overriding this.
Have anyone done this before ?
(alternatively, I could fork it and make a setting in the control panel, if that sounds like a good idea)

You do this in the MailerAction settings (each form has actions which you can edit in toolbar -> actions -> edit form actions) .. there you can provide your recipient on the first tab or you can choose in the Adressing tab if the recipient should be determined from an input field.

In my case, I have about 100 forms where this is not set, so when I change the 'admin email' (in mail control panel), I will have to edit all 100

If its not set it uses the mailcontrolpanel settings.

I changed

    def get_owner_info(self, context):

in easyform actions to use another registry setting (if set)