OS X: which tool to install dependencies?

We are working on updating the docs for Plone 5 and we are wondering what is the 'best practice method' to install all requirements/dependencies on OS X ?

This is meant for people who are not using the 'older' OS X binary installer :smile:

Do you use:

  • Homebrew ?
  • MacPorts ?
  • NixPKGs ?
  • Fink ?
  • something else ?

We want to add a small part about that to the docs, but we do not want to cover all of the above, the idea is to mention the most common one(s).

No offence, if your preferred one is not the winner :smile:

Thanks !

I'd use homebrew in the docs and note Macports as an alternative.
Some people use buildout.python or nix, but I've used neither :slight_smile:

Would it make more sense to add it to the UI-Installer docs or to: http://docs.plone.org/manage/deploying/preparing

Personally I would add it to the docs of the UI, and update ../deploying/preparing.

Any comments ?

I started using macports years ago when Python 2.4 was the only needed Python version for Plone (while Leopard/OSx 10.5 was providing Python 2.5) and I never changed.

It helps a lot also with dependencies of "complex" eggs. I also used fink few times but I preferred macports.

I've mostly used MacPorts, but recently I've been doing almost all my dev inside Vagrant, and I've heard (maybe from you, Sven?) that brew is more reliable somehow now.

thank you