Only 7 weeks to go! — Plone Conference 2017 – Barcelona

Only 10 early bird tickets left; sign up for classes; submit a talk; become a sponsor!

Hi everyone - welcome to the run up to Plone Digital Experience Conference 2017!

There are only, 9! early bird tickets left at a 100 euro discount, so get them while you can :slight_smile:

We have posted preliminary lists of available training classes; as in previous years, these training classes are included in your ticket price! This is an awesome opportunity to catch up on a wide range of Plone, JavaScript, and Python web skills.

Use this form to tell us which classes you plan to take. It’s ok if you change your mind later; just use the form again to submit your updated selection:

Our keynotes are posted at

If there is a talk you’d like to give, please submit your idea! If your talk is accepted, you will also receive a 100 euro discount code on your ticket purchase. (submission deadline is coming up soon: September 4th, 2017)

Our welcome wouldn’t be complete without a round of thanks to our sponsors and to ask you to please join them in helping us by becoming sponsors too!

Looking for more information about Barcelona, where to stay, things to do and see? Check out and

If you’re interested in sharing a place to stay, please use this Google Document:

And don’t forget to stay on for our two days of sprints (Saturday, Oct. 21 and Sunday, Oct. 22)...

We would appreciate it if you helped us let more people know about the conference and your attendance and participation, by:

  • Emailing and inviting your clients and colleagues to the conference
  • Letting your Twitter followers and Facebook friends know about the training and talks you will be attending or giving
  • Tag or mention as appropriate #plone #ploneconf2017 #python #javascript #reactjs #angularjs since we have three tracks this year

It is very exciting to get this great show on the road!

Kim, on behalf of organizers Victor, Ramon, and Timo ( and

The Plone Digital Experience Conference 2017 / Barcelona / October 16-22, 2017

Organizing Partners:

Logo, Design, HTML and CSS - Albert Casado Celma (@albertcasado)

Logistics - Agata Avalo Rodríguez (@agata.avalo)

Training Leader - Philip Bauer (@starzelde)

Python Web Track - Jordi Soucheiron (@jordixou)

Modern Javascript Frontend Track - Raúl Jiménez (@elecash)

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