Office wvware transform

This transform is still a part of Products.PortalTransforms for converting Word documents (doc, not docx). The documentation for this project says that it is deprecated in favor of abiword. As far as I can tell Plone doesn't have another transform for this at least as part of core, has anyone used abiword? Or something else for the old type doc files?

I noticed that simply doesn't have that transform, but our sites still have a lot of these files from users that it would be nice to index. We've used wvware on our older operating system environments, but since it is ancient and deprecated I have to have a good reason to need to install it again on our newer ones.

Well, you have old formats. Then you have to deal with old tools like wvware. A replacement is "catdoc". On the other hand "wv" is available on the latest Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS is this really a problem? And there is still "unoconv" for doing various conversions through LibreOffice under the hood. Also converting at some point from .doc to .docx is a necessary step unless you want to continue to live in the stone age of Word.