Off-site cloud backup options

What are you, guys, using lately to make off-site cloud backups of your Plone sites? what are you using to transfer the files?

I was checking again Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier storages, and I learned about boto and awscli, a couple of Python interfaces.

Anything else worth checking?

With Linode I've just enabled the extra backup service... nothing else to set up. Mind you I haven't (yet?) had to try to recover from anything...

Linode is pretty good for recovery. Just restore an old snapshot to a newly spun up Linode, assuming you have a folder with your backed up Data.fs and blobs you can retrieve what you want or if it's acceptable you can just make restored node live by swapping IPs. It does take a few hours to restore from backup though.

I want these for some customers hosted in DigitalOcean. They have a backup service but is not acceptable for most of our customers (backups occur more or less once a week and sometimes just fail).

We are using Bacula for others, but it feels like a solution from 1998.

That's why I'm looking for alternatives.

I'am very happy with Hetzner and its fair backup space together with Attic as deduplicating backup software.

This Attic thing looks interesting (especially because I do stuff with Hetzner also).