Odd behavior... Slow server but responsive client

Have Plone 5.0.4 running as server on a Huawei Matepad and configured as mobile hotspot. Have another smartphone as a client/browser to the zinstance on the MediaPad.

The odd behavior is that the response time with the client is way faster than the response time in the server. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

The matepad has 4gb ram and 64gb rom. The CherryMobike (Philippine brand) also has 4gb ram and 64gb rom.

Has anyone encountered a similar (odd) behavior?


Do you mean that when you open a browser on the matepad itself (where the plone instance is running) has a much worse loading time than when you connect to the plone instance from another smartphone?

I don't think that is odd but very logical with not that strong 'mobile' cpu's. Your matepad cpu has to both run the server and browser at the same time and task switch between them 100.000's of times. When you use a second mobile browser, you effectively use 2 cpu's, where the client and the server work completely independent. The extra added latency/network traffic in the 'duo' setup could with your test setup have much less impact than the problems the matepad has to power both the server and browser.

It doesn't even have to be the cpu as bottleneck but maybe also local filesystem access on the matepad/mediapad for server and browser, this is also completely separated with using two devices.

Thank you for your valuable insight.

I understand that matepad, running zinstance and browser has a heavier load than the client smartphone running just a browser.

I will do some more benchmarking and see what differentials I can get.

Have a great day.