Notes from the training team meeting 21.07.2016

Attenance: Too many to record. Thanks to Chrissy's everyone was able to take part. We'll probably need that again next time.


For the website we need headshot image, a bio and a short summary (aka description in Plone) from every trainer. Please mail them to me as soon as possible!


  • Openstack-Training is not canceled but confirmed: "Production OpenStack Plone Deployments" by Serg Melikyan. Welcome!
  • Trainers should buy their conference-ticket if they haven't already. 1/2 the early bird tickets are gone!
  • The Component Architecture Training will focus more on Plone than Pyramid to give us good documentation on that.
  • Training locations will probably be more spread apart that we originally planned. We try to keep the 1/2 day trainings close or easily reachable.
  • If you think about giving a talk as well head over to and do it!
  • I could not find a trainer for "patterns for integators" but Wolfgang Thomas (pysailor) volunteered to give a talk and write training-documentation about that \o/


The following 11 have confirmed they need a place in the rented housing: David Bain, Eric Bréhault, Jean Jordan, Maik Derstappen, Oz Tiram, Paul Roeland, Philip Bauer, Ramon Navarro Bosch, Sven Stack, Thomas Schorr, Tom Gross. See I have not yet heard from Fulvio but I guess he will join us too. Also the place for sixfeetup is not yet confirmed so the numbers might still change...


The training schedule is here
It might still change a little but looks pretty stable so far. All multiple trainings are also confirmed: Thanks!

How to get your trainings online

Train the trainers


Guido suggested an alternative to the folder-based approach that was used in

It goes like this:

  • Only one one branch (master)
  • Write the code for chapter 1 and commit
  • Write the code for chapter 2 and commit
  • Add the code for chapter 3 and commit
  • You realize that something or wrong in chapter 1
  • you branch off at the commit id for chapter 1
    git checkout -b temp 123456
  • you cange the code and do a commit.
    git commit -am 'Changed foo to also do bar'
  • switch to master and rebase on the branch holdung the fix which will inject your new commit into master at the right place
    git checkout master
    git rebase temp
    That inserts the changes into master in the right place. You only maintain a master branch that is a sequence of commits.
  • You then can update your chapter-docs to point to the corresponding commit ids:
    chapter one: git checkout 121431243
    chapter two: git checkout 498102980

Additionally you can

  • set tags on the respective commits and move the tags. This way the docs do not need to change
  • squash the commits between the chapters to every chapter is one commit.

We will experiment with that and when we have the process down and it works we'll document it.

Including Code in the docs

Philip will document how you can add you code-package to the training-docs as a git submodule and then include code from your package in the docs using :literalinclude:.
OOTB that only works with one branch which means you cannot include code from a certain commit or tag. But I just found which seems to be able to checkout a certain commit, tag or branch before the include actually happens using literalinclude. I will experiment with this and write documentation if it works.


Philip will talk to Sven is we can get a simple setup for creating screenshots using robottests.

Next Meeting

I'll schedule another meeting for mid-august.