Non-unique ids in Theming Controlpanel

The "Theming Controlpanel" (aka. "Theme settings") has two levels of nav-elements with non-unique ids.

    1. level: autotoc-item-autotoc-0, autotoc-item-autotoc-1
    1. level: autotoc-item-autotoc-0, autotoc-item-autotoc-1, autotoc-item-autotoc-2

The given anchors are also non-unique (see href attributes). It is not possible to properly access the elements via a url with anchor.

I'd suggest to change the 2. level ids to something like autotoc-item-autotoc-1-0, autotoc-item-autotoc-1-1, autotoc-item-autotoc-1-2

In which repository should I post an issue?

I think here pat-autotoc with auto-tabs is used and it does not support nesting?

@mekell would be great if you file an issue here Issues · plone/mockup · GitHub ... I suggest that pat-autotoc generates random numbers instead of sequential ids at the end.

Actually both following problems should be taken into account:

  1. Requesting /@@theming-controlpanel#autotoc-item-autotoc-2 doesn't position the form in "Custom Styles" as expected.
  2. Wenn the "Save"-Button in "Custom Styles" is pressed, the form is requested again and the page goes to "Themes". This requires the user to click "Advanced setting" and "Custom Styles" again every time it saves it.

I've filed an issue-1457958733 and I suggest to place further comments there.